I took my first yoga class in 1993. Since then I have studied mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), meditation, pilates and yoga. All have supported me in different ways to cope with and heal from the effects of migraines.

Shree Yoga Taos is my sanctuary for yoga practice. It is a lovely studio in the Taos Valley of Northern New Mexico.  There I am re-grounded (I’m an Aquarius and always need grounding!). I am a registered RYT-200 instructor, with additional practice and certifications in MBSR, Yoga for Creativity, and Senior Yoga.

During my time as an adult, I have married a beautiful and driven man, raised a son who skipped high school and adventured off to college at age 16, and worked in development and marketing for 25 years, much of that in health care. My specialty was start-ups. I worked too much, and at the height of my career, my migraines were also at their most rampant. In retrospect, not much of a surprise really. But I punished myself for years, fighting against my head in order to get somewhere. Not a worthy fight! You can read my migraine story here.

After our family experienced a major house fire, I retired from my first career. I focused on re-building our home, supporting my husband and son, and healing myself. Since then, I have learned more deeply about the ways in which we resist and accept ourselves. I have learned how to move through life with empty and open hands, letting go and being open to the flow of living. I learned how to breathe.

This flow of living leads me to today. I am a woman who writes, photographs, cooks, and loves. A woman who suffers with migraine disease and still hopes. A woman who believes in the beauty of the yogic path.

Ultimately, my yoga practice and my journey with migraines are creative pursuits to own the stories held in my body. Yogis with Migraines is intended to share those stories so that we may all use them as sources strength, humor, joy and grief to become healthier and more meaningful human beings.

I hope it helps.

Onward (with smiles),


PS. I’d love to hear from you. Musings, stories, asanas the work miracles and other tidbits. Send your loveliness my way and I’ll post it to the site. Happy day!