Today is a good day to breathe.

At some point my husband and I realized that one sign of me heading down the migraine hole was sighing. Yes, I would sigh. And sigh. And sigh. I would also yawn, and then keep yawning, almost uncontrollably. He would become offended and say “are you bored?” or “Are you pissed?” What the?

I wasn’t either, of course, but I needed to breathe. And the more aware I became of my sighing and my yawning, the more aware I became of my need to understand that I could breathe. Really breathe!

I am still learning (or re-learning) how to breathe. Breathing is important to migraine reduction. It is important to all around health. I tell myself this stuff as I remind myself to breath, and better yet, to breathe in fully and without force. ¬†And it seems like of silly to write this or even need to remind myself of it. But truth is, breathing keeps us alive and if I’m not doing it full on, then I must not be living.

So to my learning. . . I took meditation classes, read books, bought cushions, and tried hard in yoga to focus on pranayama exercises and do them correctly! And then finally, I had to give it up. The CORRECTLY part. And the “I suck” or “I’m getting better” parts too. I simply had to let go of the thinking and just do some stuff.

This was a major revelation for me, a girl who is an achiever and likes to get things right. So recognizing over and over ~ there is no right, just doing.

There is no right, just doing.

And that my friends is one of my biggest ongoing lessons (maybe, the biggest).