Migraines are trauma: or may be caused by trauma. Yoga helps.

Having migraines over and over most certainly is traumatic. Over the years I have found myself feeling traumatized at the thought that I might even encounter a trigger. It has kept me away from things that I really wanted to explore and enjoy. It has created anxiety when I most certainly didn’t need any more of that. I found that my trauma response would often trigger my physical symptoms even IF I didn’t get a headache. So . . .

I started searching out reading to help. I wanted to let go of my constant vigilance around migraine triggers, and my planning a Plan B if I got a migraine. I wanted to let go of some of the anticipation of always “being ready.” I had so conditioned myself that I would just think about going into Costco or Walmart ~ the lights, the sounds and smells, all a migraine nightmare for me. I could get a migraine without even going in! I decided that needed to stop.

So I found this book: Overcoming Trauma through Yoga: Reclaiming Your Body

It recognizes that trauma is complex. It recognizes that trauma is a body experience. And it outlines how to change the trauma response. Amazingly enough, it talks about migraines in the book, which I found beautiful. I have used many of the postures and sequences for myself and with students in my yoga classes. Each time I do them I think about them re-connecting me inner to outer in a new way.

The book was really just an introduction for me to how yoga can begin to heal the subtle bodies where trauma resides in us. And how over time we can subtly begin to shift it. Feels like a cure to me, and gives me hope. Even when I am glassy eyed and unable to think immersed in brain fog.